by Jim Smith

Smashing Russia is not so easy
The Global West has had a run of bad luck, for most of their schemes, for several years. The Ukraine war has not gone well, with its client state being hopelessly out matched. The sanctions imposed by the U.S. against Russia have done terrible damage – but to its European allies – not to Russia, whose economy is doing better than ever.

More recently, the Tucker Carlson interview with Russian President Valdimir Putin was an embarrassment to the U.S. which has been trying to paint Putin as an evil dictator. Instead, Putin came off as a learned and reasonable head of state.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine army was suffering loss after loss on the battlefield. According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, there have been at least 31,000 deaths of Ukrainians during the war with Russia. Other sources say the number is much higher. Rumors are that with the refusal of the U.S. Congress to appropriate more money, Ukraine is running short of ammunition and other vital supplies.

Victoria Nuland worked so hard for this War

Some commentators are claiming that an atmosphere of panic has descended over Europe and the Biden regime. The loss of the war in Ukraine, which now seems imminent, would end the neo-conservatives’ dreams of dismembering Russia. Victoria Nuland was the State Department’s chief architect of the strategy, but abandoned ship on March 5.

Nuland was not your ordinary civil servant. She is married to Robert Kagan, who is perhaps the top proponent of neo-conservatism in the U.S. Nuland had been an advocate of every war the U.S. has gotten into since the administration of George W. Bush. She worked closely, in appointed positions, with Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She skipped Trump’s administration.

Victoria Nuland quits

Victoria Nuland is probably best known for an intercepted phone call at the time of the Maidan Coup in Kiev, Ukraine. During the call with U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, Nuland expressed her disdain for U.S. European allies by saying “fuck the EU.” She went on to negatively evaluate friendly Ukrainian politicians, complaining that she had to spend $5 Billion to bring about the Coup.

Speaking of intercepted phone calls, four German Generals were caught by someone, probably Russia, taping their conversation about knocking down the Kerch Bridge that was recently built by Russia to link that country with Crimea. What’s worse is the rumor that the military’s plans to destroy the bridge was done without German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s knowledge. The plan was to fire Taurus missiles at the bridge. So far, Ukraine has been denied these rockets because of their long range, which would include most of European Russia. The Ukrainians might decide to bombard Moscow instead of the bridge. This could potentially involve Germany in a war with Russia. This is why informing Scholz is so important.

Israel continues making itself a pariah

Meanwhile, Israel’s invasion of Gaza has failed to destroy Hamas, a stated goal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, or to even capture its leaders. President Biden has consistently supported Netanyahu and is still supplying weapons to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Netanyahu and other Zionists always have been adamant about not allowing Palestinians to return to their homes. Israel would not allow them to return since they don’t practice the same religion or have the same cultural background.

Why can’t we all live together?

It is hard for me to understand why the Israelis and Palestinians cannot live together peacefully. For about a thousand years, the two peoples lived together harmoniously in Palestine. It wasn’t until a mind virus, called Zionism, infected them that the separatism began. It’s not the fault of Jews, as a people.

Most Jews, throughout the world, are more than willing to live with others. Here on the Left Coast, Jews live side-by-side with people of other religions and cultural idenities from throughout the world. It wasn’t that long ago that Jews, Islamists and Christians, were known as “People of the Book,” because they all included the Old Testament as part of their religion and brotherhood.

Even today, it is only those who are infected with Zionism, who think they are superior to other people, such as Palestinians. Unfortunately, those infected include the leaders of Israel and, according to opinion polls, most of the ordinary citizens of Israel.

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak went on a public tirade when progressive activist George Galloway won a by-election with his newly formed Workers Party. Galloway dedicated his victory to Gaza. He is sure to be a thorn in the side of the pro-Israel Conservative Party when he takes his seat in the House of Commons.

Biden makes it worse for his election prospects

In the U.S., incumbent President Joe Biden sank below his opponent, Donald Trump, in the latest opinion polls. He has been roundly criticized for supporting genocide and his refusal to call for a cease fire in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the U.S. ruling class seems to be split three ways. One faction wants to pour more money and weapons into Ukraine; another wants to back out of Ukraine and turn its focus on China, which they consider to be the biggest threat to U.S. hegemony. A third faction wants to cool it with foreign wars because of multiple problems on the home front.

If the advocates of option two win out, will the U.S. fare any better against China, which has a population three times as large as America’s, a bigger economy and holds $859.4 billion in U.S. debt?


P.S. Is it just me, or does the new Dune 2 film resemble the Israel-Palestine battle? Where is Muad’Dib when the Fremen, I mean Gazans, need him?