by James R. Smith

What we call inflation is actually the theft of trillions of dollars from poor, working class people, small businesses, professionals and the moderately well-to-do.

The big bite began with the CARE Act of 2020, and has continued with the high interest rates of ensuing years. The stealing continued, as of this writing in June 2024, in every sector of the economy from the basic necessities of food, housing (including home purchases and rents), medical care, transportation, clothing, higher education, insurance, and much more.

Inflation comes from the practice of Monetarism, the ideology of capitalist neoliberalism, and the intransigence of the Federal Reserve Board (the Fed).

The Fed is made up of hide-bound and very rich conservative bankers and academics who do what they are told. And what they are told is to increase the wealth of the rich, and the poor be damned.

The Federal Reserve System Board of Governors includes the Chair, Jerome H. Powell, whose multiple terms run from 2018 to 2028. Previously, Powell was a partner at The Carlyle Group, which is a private equity firm which manages $426 billion in assets. Carlyle developed a reputation for acquiring businesses related to the defense industry. After 911 (the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon), it became known that Carlyle had a close relationship with the bin Laden family. Shafig bin Laden, Osama’s half brother, had been guest of honor at a Carlyle Group conference held in Washington on the very same day of the disaster, Sept. 11, 2001. In addition, the bin Laden family had previously been an investor in Carlyle funds while Powell was a partner in the firm. After Carlyle, Powell worked in George W. Bush’s Treasury Department.

Other Federal Reserve members include:

Vice Chair Philip N. Jefferson, an academic;

Vice Chair for Supervision Michael S. Barr. He is an academic and lawyer, who worked in Bill Clinton’s Treasury Department.

Michelle W. Bowman is a Kansas banker, who also worked for Kansas Republican Sen. Bob Dole, and in federal agencies including FEMA and Homeland Security.

Lisa D. Cook is an academic, whose main federal job was as deputy director for Africa Research at the Center for International Development.

Adriana D. Kugler’s most significant position seems to be as U.S. Executive Director at the World Bank. She held that office when she was appointed to the Fed.

Christopher J. Waller is an academic and the only board member who held lower positions at the Fed, before being placed on the Board.

The seven member board includes two Blacks, three women, and three white guys.

It might be a mistake to assume that the Federal Reserve Board makes economic policy. Mostly, they are told how to vote by those of higher rank in the Deep State (Wall Street, “Intelligence Community,” Military, and assorted wealthy people). During the past few years, the Fed has become a convenient vehicle for the expansion of the money supply. It does this by setting a liberal loan policy for major corporations. These loans create more money in circulation, causing everyone’s dollars to become less valuable. But since the titans of society rake in a vast amount of “new money,” they win, even if each dollar is less valuable. If more dollars are in circulation, then the cost of goods and services goes up, hence: inflation.

Origins of the Fed, and What it Became

The Federal Reserve Board was created in 1913 during the administration of President Woodrow Wilson. Today, Woodrow Wilson is mainly known for his incessant racism and for jailing Socialist Presidential Candidate Eugene Debs.

Its purpose was to address bank crises, which at that time caused havoc among the rich, and often meant that millions of workers lost their jobs. The Fed should have been abolished when it proved incapable of solving the Great Depression of 1929, but it is still with us.

Other factors that have led us to this sad economic state where workers’ incomes continue to fall as compared with society’s total wealth, include Monetarism and Neoliberalism.

Monetarism is an economic philosophy of the rich that was founded by University of Chicago Economist Milton Friedman. It theorizes that controlling the supply of money is the best way to control the economy. In practice, we get abominations like a high interest rate, no social security or other welfare, and a belief that the economy will create full employment without further tinkering.

Friedman was an advisor to both US President Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Both heads of state were the most conservative of their times in their respective countries.

Friedman also supported Chilean fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet. A former Army General, Pinochet staged a bloody coup against the elected President Salvador Allende, which resulted in Allende’s death and the torture and death of thousands of Chileans. despite this, Friedman kept on friendly terms with the dictator and encouraged his colleagues at the University of Chicago to go to Chile and work for the oligarch.

Neoliberalism is more limited in scope. It is focused on squeezing the most profit out of every business. It came into vogue among financial capitalists around the late 1970s. Before that, “industrial capitalists” ruled the roost. As a whole, they were not as greedy as the Wall Street Crowd that supplanted them. Industrial capitalists have been portrayed in many old movies as friendly old gentlemen with hearts of gold. They were not that.

I was active in newspaper unions at the time of this big change. When I began negotiating labor contracts, most newspaper owners would expect an annual profit of between five and 10 percent. Not so with the neoliberals. They believed they should be entitled to 30 percent profit, and then 40 percent. The sky was the limit. It took drastic action to make their dreams come true. They had to get rid of many of their long-time employees, such as reporters, editors, typographers, press operators, ad salespeople, and so forth. In many cases, they sold their downtown headquarters (often quite beautiful) and headed for a warehouse in the suburbs. The price of a newspaper skyrocketed, and regular raises were replaced by “merit” raises and bonuses. Union-busting companies were hired to get rid of all guaranteed provisions in the labor agreement.

The same thing happened in nearly every industry. In Los Angeles, all four tire plants shut down and moved to the Deep South, leaving their union-paid workers behind. At least three steel plants and three auto plants followed the rubber plants’ lead. Other companies in the garment, furniture, and service industries likewise shut down.

The result was a great deal of poverty, drugs, and crime in South Central LA and Compton, as thousands of Black and Latinx workers searched for a way to survive.

As the years went by, the Wall Street moguls found they could make bigger profits by leaving the country entirely. Southeast Asia and Mexico vied to provide the lowest wage. The income gap between rich and poor turned into an ever-growing chasm.

Then came the Pandemic. This provided an awesome opportunity for trillions, yes, trillions, of dollars to be printed and used for loans for the big corporations. It was funny money, not backed by a damn thing. In earlier years, people might have fallen for it, but in the 2020s the game was up. Less and less income was available to working people. Of course, there were stories about how ordinary people suddenly became rich on the stock market or by inventing a miracle device, but that happens mostly in peoples’ dreams.

Inflation is here to stay if the Fed has anything to say about it. Just a few days ago, the Fed refused to lower the interest rate even though the rate of inflation has come to a screeching halt.

By manipulating the interest rate, the Fed can take even more money out of your wallet and deposit it in a corporate bank account. So is there no recourse to Monetary policy, Neoliberalism, Modern Monetary Theory, or whatever you want to call it?
An Alternative to neverending interest rate hikes

Once upon a time, there was an alternative. It involved direct manipulation of the whole economy. It wasn’t meant to increase the wealth of our leisure class, but to make sure that working people got their fair share. Who could make that happen? It was none other than President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This president really cared about the plight of the poor and workers, in contrast to the bunch we have today who love to hang out with the Deep Staters.

Here are his own words (edited to stay on subject). This was a radio address (Fireside Chat) he gave on Sept. 7, 1942, when confronted with WWII, perhaps the fiercest inflation maker of all time.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt

On Inflation and Progress of the War Labor Day Radio Address of the President

September 7, 1942


Today I sent a message to the Congress, pointing out the overwhelming urgency of the serious domestic economic crisis with which we are threatened. Some call it ” inflation,” which is a vague sort of term, and others call it a “rise in the cost of living,” which is much more easily understood by most families.

That phrase, “the cost of living,” means essentially what a dollar can buy.

From January 1, 1941, to May of this year, nearly a year and a half, the cost of living went up about 15%. And at that point last May we undertook to freeze the cost of living. But we could not do a complete job of it, because the Congressional authority at the time exempted a large part of farm products used for food and for making clothing, although several weeks before, I had asked the Congress for legislation to stabilize all farm prices.

At that time I had told the Congress that there were seven elements in our national economy, all of which had to be controlled; and that if any one essential element remained exempt, the cost of living could not be held down.

This act of favoritism for one particular group (farmers) in the community increased the cost of food to everybody — not only to the workers in the city or in the munitions plants, and their families, but also to the families of the farmers themselves.

Since last May, ceilings have been set on nearly all commodities, rents (and) services. Installment buying, for example, has been effectively stabilized and controlled.

Wages in certain key industries have been stabilized on the basis of the present cost of living.

But it is obvious to all of us (however) that if the cost of food continues to go up, as it is doing at present, the wage earner, particularly in the lower brackets, will have a right to an increase in his wages. I think that would be essential justice and a practical necessity.

Our experience with the control of other prices during the past few months has brought out one important fact — the rising cost of living can be controlled, providing that all elements making up the cost of living are controlled at the same time. I think that also is an essential justice and a practical necessity.

We know that parity prices for farm products not now controlled will not put up the cost of living more than a very small amount; but we also know that if we must go up to an average of 116% of parity for food and other farm products — which is necessary at present under the Emergency Price Control Act before we can control all farm prices — the cost of living will get well out of hand. We are face to face with this danger today. Let us meet it and remove it.

I realize that it may seem out of proportion to you to be (worrying about) over-stressing these economic problems at a time like this, when we are all deeply concerned about the news from far distant fields of battle. But I give you the solemn assurance that failure to solve this problem here at home — and to solve it now — will make more difficult the winning of this war.

If the vicious spiral of inflation ever gets under way, the whole economic system will stagger. Prices and wages will go up so rapidly that the entire production program will be endangered. The cost of the war, paid by taxpayers, will jump beyond all present calculations. It will mean an uncontrollable rise in prices and in wages, which can result in raising the overall cost of living as high as another 20% soon. That would mean that the purchasing power of every dollar that you have in your pay envelope, or in the bank, or included in your insurance policy or your pension, would be reduced to about eighty cents worth. I need not tell you that this would have a demoralizing effect on our people, soldiers and civilians alike.

In my Message to Congress today, I have (told the Congress) said that this must be done quickly. If we wait for two or three or four or six months it may well be too late.

I have told the Congress that the Administration can not hold the actual cost of food and clothing down to the present level beyond October first.

Therefore, I have asked the Congress to pass legislation under which the President would be specifically authorized to stabilize the cost of living, including the price of all farm commodities. The purpose should be to hold farm prices at parity, or at levels of a recent date, whichever is higher. The purpose should also be to keep wages at a point stabilized with today’s cost of living. Both must be regulated at the same time; and neither one of them can or should be regulated without the other.

At the same time that farm prices are stabilized, I will stabilize wages.

That is plain justice — and plain common sense.

And so I have asked the Congress to take this action by the first of October. We must now act with the dispatch, which the stern necessities of war require.

I have told the Congress that inaction on their part by that date will leave me with an inescapable responsibility, a responsibility to the people of this country to see to it that the war effort is no longer imperiled by the threat of economic chaos.

As I said in my Message to the Congress:

In the event that the Congress should fail to act, and act adequately, I shall accept the responsibility, and I will act.

The President has the powers, under the Constitution and under Congressional Acts, to take measures necessary to avert a disaster which would interfere with the winning of the war.

There may be those who will say that, if the situation is as grave as I have stated it to be, I should use my powers and act now. I can only say that I have approached this problem from every angle, and that I have decided that the course of conduct which I am following in this case is consistent with my sense of responsibility as President in time of war, and with my deep and unalterable devotion to the processes of democracy.

The responsibilities of the President in wartime to protect the Nation are very grave. This total war, with our fighting fronts all over the world, makes the use of the executive power far more essential than in any previous war.

If we were invaded, the people of this country would expect the President to use any and all means to repel the invader.

Now the Revolution and the War between the States were fought on our own soil, but today this war will be won or lost on other continents and in remote seas. I cannot tell what powers may have to be exercised in order to win this war.

The American people can be sure that I will use my powers with a full sense of responsibility to the Constitution and to my country. The American people can also be sure that I shall not hesitate to use every power vested in me to accomplish the defeat of our enemies in any part of the world where our own safety demands such defeat.

And when the war is won, the powers under which I act will automatically revert to the people of the United States — to the people to whom (they) those powers belong.

I think I know the American farmers. I know (that) they are as wholehearted in their patriotism as any other group. They have suffered from the constant fluctuations of farm prices — occasionally too high, more often too low. Nobody knows better than farmers the disastrous effects of wartime inflationary booms, and post-war deflationary panics.

So I have also suggested today that the Congress make our agricultural economy more stable. I have recommended that in addition to putting ceilings on all farm products now, we also place a definite floor under those prices for a period beginning now, continuing through the war, and for as long as necessary after the war. In this way we will be able to avoid the collapse of farm prices (which) that happened after the last war. The farmers must be assured of a fair minimum price during the readjustment period which will follow the great, excessive world food demands (which) that now prevail.

We must have some floor under farm prices, as we must have under wages, if we are to avoid the dangers of a post-war inflation on the one hand, or the catastrophe of a crash in farm prices and wages on the other.

Today I have also advised the Congress of the importance of speeding up the passage of the tax bill. The Federal Treasury is losing millions of dollars (a) each and every day because the bill has not yet been passed. Taxation is the only practical way of preventing the incomes and profits of individuals and corporations from getting too high.

I have told the Congress once more that all net individual incomes, after payment of all taxes, should be limited effectively by further taxation to a maximum net income of $25,000 a year. And it is equally important that corporate profits should not exceed a reasonable amount in any case.

The nation must have more money to run the War. People must stop spending for luxuries. Our country needs a far greater share of our incomes.

For this is a global war, and it will cost this nation nearly one hundred billion dollars in 1943.

I have devoted much more space to Roosevelt’s Address because everyone should have an opportunity to see how far our political life has fallen. Today, no president would speak the way Roosevelt spoke. By that, I mean that the candidates would not dare antagonize their donors and benefactors in favor of working people. We need to join together to bring back those days when a president really did work for us, and not for the rich. Economics is easy to understand, the point is to change it.

by maRco Elliott

The ongoing student protests and counter protests on campuses across the country show us that beyond the use of physical force, intimidation and arrests, another form of violence is at play. I write these lines on May 4th. the 54th anniversary of the Kent State  shootings of 13 students protesting the Vietnam War( 4 dead.) At the time Ronald Reagan is said to have suggested “if it takes a blood bath, let’s get it over with.” 

Words do matter! 

This war of words for the hearts and minds is in full daily display again.It can be observed with the naked eye. In the mainstream press the forces of cerebral repression are actively modeling the play dough of our innocent minds. Better be vigilant in the spirit of resistance. Turn on your crap detectors.

1 . The narrative is frequently obscured not always by clouds of tear gas but by a photoshopped description of what is occurring.

The campus protests might be far more than opposing pro Palestinian activist against pro Israel students. The binary view that this is a struggle between two camps is a divisive propaganda tool hinting at anti-Jewish bigotry as the prime motivation for the protests. Open minded Jewish students are often involved in the mostly peaceful protests condemning the indiscriminate murder and wounding of tens of thousands of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank in the pursuit of eradicating Hamas.

What if the conflict were described as pro Justice vs. pro status quo? Students at UCLA  were reportedly heard chanting during the brutal attack by masked  anti protesters  “You want peace, we want Justice.” One doesn’t need be a Los Angeleno above forty five to remember and understand the Rodney King uprising moto ” No Justice No Peace.”

2 . Another way to obscure the picture is the frequent strategic use of the term “antisemitism”. The term has often been appropriated to shame and ostracize anyone expressing opposition to the policies of the state of Israel, suggesting something hideous like Holocaust denying . Finding the Netanyahu patchwork coalition’s actions despicable doesn’t make one an antisemite. This word approriation selfishly denies that violence, discrimination or forced displacement against Arabs might also be antisemitic. If a genocide is happening in Gaza isn’t it also a blatant expression of antisemitism? Isn’t it a fratricidal struggle between Semites? What is a Semite? Oxford Languages: relating to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.

The courageous Gen Z students who stand up in opposition to antisemitism everywhere and war crimes against Arabs will no doubt be remembered as being on the right side of history. What they are learning after their protest encampments are demolished and found ” illegal” is perhaps the most important lesson: we do live under a repressive form of government, a government that fears the people and is threatened by opinions that go counter “the official program” whether it be led by the former president or the present one. The riot police called in  to maintain an unjust status quo wear the same uniforms, the same Darth Vader armor. Its effectiveness has proven to be remedial and short term. When will they ever learn?

Who in their right mind really  believes that the security, safety and well being of the people who live within the borders of Israel can be bought over and over with the blood and tears of Arab children and of their grieving parents? Will the unconditional “over the top” free flow of made in America weapons of destruction be part of a lasting solution to a long festering problem?

by Jim Smith

Smashing Russia is not so easy
The Global West has had a run of bad luck, for most of their schemes, for several years. The Ukraine war has not gone well, with its client state being hopelessly out matched. The sanctions imposed by the U.S. against Russia have done terrible damage – but to its European allies – not to Russia, whose economy is doing better than ever.

More recently, the Tucker Carlson interview with Russian President Valdimir Putin was an embarrassment to the U.S. which has been trying to paint Putin as an evil dictator. Instead, Putin came off as a learned and reasonable head of state.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine army was suffering loss after loss on the battlefield. According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, there have been at least 31,000 deaths of Ukrainians during the war with Russia. Other sources say the number is much higher. Rumors are that with the refusal of the U.S. Congress to appropriate more money, Ukraine is running short of ammunition and other vital supplies.

Victoria Nuland worked so hard for this War

Some commentators are claiming that an atmosphere of panic has descended over Europe and the Biden regime. The loss of the war in Ukraine, which now seems imminent, would end the neo-conservatives’ dreams of dismembering Russia. Victoria Nuland was the State Department’s chief architect of the strategy, but abandoned ship on March 5.

Nuland was not your ordinary civil servant. She is married to Robert Kagan, who is perhaps the top proponent of neo-conservatism in the U.S. Nuland had been an advocate of every war the U.S. has gotten into since the administration of George W. Bush. She worked closely, in appointed positions, with Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. She skipped Trump’s administration.

Victoria Nuland quits

Victoria Nuland is probably best known for an intercepted phone call at the time of the Maidan Coup in Kiev, Ukraine. During the call with U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, Nuland expressed her disdain for U.S. European allies by saying “fuck the EU.” She went on to negatively evaluate friendly Ukrainian politicians, complaining that she had to spend $5 Billion to bring about the Coup.

Speaking of intercepted phone calls, four German Generals were caught by someone, probably Russia, taping their conversation about knocking down the Kerch Bridge that was recently built by Russia to link that country with Crimea. What’s worse is the rumor that the military’s plans to destroy the bridge was done without German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s knowledge. The plan was to fire Taurus missiles at the bridge. So far, Ukraine has been denied these rockets because of their long range, which would include most of European Russia. The Ukrainians might decide to bombard Moscow instead of the bridge. This could potentially involve Germany in a war with Russia. This is why informing Scholz is so important.

Israel continues making itself a pariah

Meanwhile, Israel’s invasion of Gaza has failed to destroy Hamas, a stated goal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, or to even capture its leaders. President Biden has consistently supported Netanyahu and is still supplying weapons to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Netanyahu and other Zionists always have been adamant about not allowing Palestinians to return to their homes. Israel would not allow them to return since they don’t practice the same religion or have the same cultural background.

Why can’t we all live together?

It is hard for me to understand why the Israelis and Palestinians cannot live together peacefully. For about a thousand years, the two peoples lived together harmoniously in Palestine. It wasn’t until a mind virus, called Zionism, infected them that the separatism began. It’s not the fault of Jews, as a people.

Most Jews, throughout the world, are more than willing to live with others. Here on the Left Coast, Jews live side-by-side with people of other religions and cultural idenities from throughout the world. It wasn’t that long ago that Jews, Islamists and Christians, were known as “People of the Book,” because they all included the Old Testament as part of their religion and brotherhood.

Even today, it is only those who are infected with Zionism, who think they are superior to other people, such as Palestinians. Unfortunately, those infected include the leaders of Israel and, according to opinion polls, most of the ordinary citizens of Israel.

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak went on a public tirade when progressive activist George Galloway won a by-election with his newly formed Workers Party. Galloway dedicated his victory to Gaza. He is sure to be a thorn in the side of the pro-Israel Conservative Party when he takes his seat in the House of Commons.

Biden makes it worse for his election prospects

In the U.S., incumbent President Joe Biden sank below his opponent, Donald Trump, in the latest opinion polls. He has been roundly criticized for supporting genocide and his refusal to call for a cease fire in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the U.S. ruling class seems to be split three ways. One faction wants to pour more money and weapons into Ukraine; another wants to back out of Ukraine and turn its focus on China, which they consider to be the biggest threat to U.S. hegemony. A third faction wants to cool it with foreign wars because of multiple problems on the home front.

If the advocates of option two win out, will the U.S. fare any better against China, which has a population three times as large as America’s, a bigger economy and holds $859.4 billion in U.S. debt?


P.S. Is it just me, or does the new Dune 2 film resemble the Israel-Palestine battle? Where is Muad’Dib when the Fremen, I mean Gazans, need him?

It happens in the best of families. Siblings don’t speak to each other for years, or file suits against each other. But now, nations of related peoples are fighting each other.

In the Middle East

Jews and Arabs come from the same genetic root and even today share genetic markers. Their languages have both devolved from a common tongue.

As language evolved, Hebrew survived as the liturgical language of Judaism, before it was revived as a commonly spoken tongue in the 19th century.

Hebrew and Arabic both descended from a common root language, Aramaic. For instance, the Arabic word “al-Kitab” and the Hebrew word “Ketovim” both mean “the book.” Both languages are written from right to left.

After the suppression of the Bar Kokhba Revolt in 135 C.E., Jews were prohibited from entering Jerusalem and its boundaries until the capture of the city by the Muslims in 638 C.E.

During this period, further Jewish settlement in and around Jerusalem was prohibited, and heavy taxes were imposed on the Jews by the Romans. This policy remained in place for over the next 1,000 years of Islamic rule. The lifting of the ban by Muslim leader Saladin in 1187 allowed Jews to legally return to the city, which contributed to its cultural and religious diversity.

Meanwhile, Alexandria, Egypt became a center of settlement and cultural attainment for Jews.

Arabs continued to live in and around Jerusalem. They became known as Palestinians.

Today, Israelis are practicing mass murder and genocide on their cousins of thousands of years. Before World War I, Jews and Palestinians lived in harmony, and often side by side. The holy places were also found side by side in Jerusalem, along with those of the Christians.

While Israelis and Palestinians are closed related by language and genetics, they are widely separated by tensions about religion. Three religions share parts of a mythology about events that happened thousands of years ago. Many of the prophets revered by Jews, are also considered holy men and women by Christians and Moslems. Even so, only Jews are given full citizen rights by Israel.

This is why many, including a former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter, call Israel an apartheid state. Its treatment of Palestinians, even before the current war, which is condemned by many as genocide, including by official bodies and nations, triggered the founding of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. BDS now has global reach and active chapters in dozens of countries.

After the end of the World War I, Zionism, a nationalist movement in favor of a homeland for Jews on land around Jerusalem, gained popularity with Jews. When World War I was over, the Ottoman Empire had to abandon its rule over all the lands outside of Turkey (Türkiye). More and more Jews immigrated to what was called Israel by them. After the Holocaust, by the Nazis, during World War II, the flow of Jews to Israel became a flood. Zionism called for all the lands of historic Israel to be part of a new state for Jews. This did not go down well among Palestinians, many of whose families had lived on the same land for centuries.

With support from Western countries, Jews were able to force Palestinians to relocate to the West Bank and Gaza. Some elected to stay put as second-class citizens within the boundaries of Israel when it became a state in 1948.

The latest conflict has pitted a militarist organization, Hamas, against the Israeli army which is called the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), which is supported by European countries and particularly, by the U.S., which provides weapons and other forms of economic aid. The U.S., by written agreement, gives Israel $4 Billion per year. This has amounted to more than $360 Billion since Israel became a state.

The result is that both Jewish families and Palestinian families are losing not only close relatives (their own people) but also many – 29,000 – long lost cousins.

More Cousins: Ukraine and Russia

If you were treated to the Tucker Carlson – Vladimir Putin interview, then you know all about the joint history of Ukrainians and Russians, going back to 862 CE. If you haven’t seen it, click here to see Putin’s review of the formerly close relationship between Kiev and Moscow.

Again, very similar languages are a giveaway that the two peoples (cousins) lived in close harmony for centuries. Unlike Israel and Palestine, they even shared the same religion, the Russian Orthodox Church.

It took $5 Billion for that close connection to shatter, according to U.S. Under Secretary of State. That money was funneled to Ukrainian right-wingers to create dissension in the country, which ultimately resulted in the Maidan coup d’état, in which the elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown. Yanukovych was personally friendly toward Russia, but tried to balance the demands of both pro-Western and pro-Russian Ukrainians.

After the Maidan riot in 2013, two Oblasts (provinces), Luhansk and Donetsk, withdrew from Ukraine and were attacked by the central government. By 2022, the fighting had become so fierce that Russia entered the fighting on the side of the two new peoples republics.

The fighting between Russia and Ukraine has now been going on for two years, with massive support in arms and funding from the U.S., and lesser support from NATO countries. It now appears that Russia will win the military engagement against Ukraine.

However, the Western countries have already won a cultural victory by splitting the solidarity between Ukraine and Russia. It will take years, perhaps decades, for the unity that has been split asunder between these cousins to come back together.

Divide and Conquer in the United States

Splitting the working class has been a favorite tactic of the ruling class, and their favorite organization, the Corporation.

Now corporation leaders raised the stakes of this deadly game to splitting the entire working class.

The billionaire corporate owners mostly run the government by funding election campaigns and having a “revolving door” where government appointees spend a few years in office and then return to cushy jobs high up in their favorite corporations.

When the history of these times are written, will historians, if there are any, look at the dispute between Texas and U.S. officials on the Rio Grande as the first salvo of the U.S. Second Civil War? Will “Eagle Pass,” the site of the border dispute, assume the same historic standing as “Ft. Sumner,” in the First Civil War?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbot has announced an 80-acre, “Forward Base,” near Eagle Pass, Texas, which could house as many as 2,600 troops, so we likely haven’t heard the end of this confrontation yet.

Lately, the stability of the U.S. and its economic model, capitalism, have been on shaky ground. A united working class, with good leadership, could probably topple a system that has outlived its usefulness. But a divided working class, with hatred between Trump supporters and those who want Trump banned from further elections, could end the threat to the superrich.

Today, family members are often divided on a variety of issues that could prevent them from acting together for everyone’s benefit. Is our current family and class division an accident, or is it a long-standing plan by the ruling class?

In 1886 during a big strike, Robber Baron Jay Gould, reportedly said, “I could hire half of the working class to kill the other half.” They never give up.

Border Crossing, Eagle Pass, Texas – Photo by Anadolu, Getty Images


Chaos and Disorder, a new book by James R Smith, blows the lid off the ceaseless lies of mainstream propaganda. From foreign wars to so-called aid packages of the Administration and Congress, Smith reveals the true nature of the many changes during the last few years.

“We are seeing the erosion of democracy on all fronts,” says Smith. “From First Amendment rights to maintaining a decent standard of living, the oligarchs who run this country are undermining working peoples ability to have their say in the important things of life.”

Chaos and Disorder rips apart the phony facade we are supposed to believe and digs deeply into the underlying motivations and plans of the ruling class.

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