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Mel’s Hole

by David Michael McKinney

Over the years the story of Mel’s Hole has been largely relegated to the trash-bin of ‘urban legend,’ written-off as ‘wacko-conspiracy’ propagated by aluminum foil-helmeted crack-pots with too much free-time and overwrought imaginations. But this cynical version only emerged since the government stepped-in and took over the story.

Gender Confusion?

by Hillbilly

"We each run a yin energy from our
Earth connection up the left side
And a Yang energy down our
Right side. To Earth..."

Two Love Poems

by Elayne Quirin

"When there is no must in lust
Sensuality remains innocent
Men and women regain trust..."

Why We Still Have Inflation

by James R. Smith

"What we call inflation is actually the theft of trillions of dollars from poor, working class people, small businesses, professionals and the moderately well-to-do..."


by Paul Dresman

"It was a day when you blew the horn and everything was forgiven.
It was a day when the slaves were liberated..."

It’s Spring

by Thomas Avery

"The crocuses and the daffodils are already out.
Then tulips shoot up in red and yellow..."


Poems by Shachar Efrati
Poetry and art by maRco Elliott

"Please, if you will,
Kind colonizer,
Sweet imperialist,
Saucy capitalist..."


by Charles Mattoon

"You carried me, I will carry you.
Shared blood circulates outside the womb,
survives the thinning wounds of fledgling cuts, distance, difference.
May the love to raise a child grow twofold
to assist a parent bowing back to the Source..."

Words Kill

by maRco Elliott

"The ongoing student protests and counter protests on campuses across the country show us that beyond the use of physical force, intimidation and arrests, another form of violence is at play..."


by Wes Hansen

“So, you have these two events involving people jumping from tall structures and bouncing off of the pavement, that does seem significant. And the time between these events?...”

A Tea Party Discourse

by Wes Hansen

"I’m just not mathematically inclined; quite the opposite, every equation is a war. I’m bleeding right now..."

Why Change?

by fredX

"Why change? It affects everything: your job, your relationships—everything you are a part of. Why would you want the turmoil?..."

How Philosophy Fails: A Brief Guide to Top Dogs in Modern Western Philosophy

by John Zerzan

"Theodor Adorno opens his magnum opus Negative Dialectics (1966) with 'Philosophy, which once seemed obsolete, lives on because the moment to realize it was missed.' ...”

Nena Wapa Wapa: A Voice of Urban Art

by Diego López

"Nena Wapa Wapa, a prominent figure in the world of urban art, shares her journey from humble beginnings to creating an artistic universe that transcends the city walls..."

Gamma Ray: Bloody: Gamma Ray

by Wes Hansen

"They ran from the bloody scene, two rebellious lovers left over from the brethren war. They had received the directions for the ritual from the wise old wizard reading from an oracle – ancient Egyptian bones..."

The Curious Case of the Sheep Who Thought He Was a Cow

by Rene Tihista

"These days there’s a lot of conflict, hand wringing, puzzlement and outrage about the various sexual identity issues currently riling up our dyspeptic society. One of these disputes concerning what has become known as LBGTQ issues, is usually confined to humans. However, though not widely known, issues of gender identity are not exclusive to H. Sapiens..."

The Decline of the West

by Jim Smith

"The West includes the five white eyes; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, plus the European Union, and Israel. They’ve been down so long they don’t know which way is up..."

The Search for the Scenic: Travel in the Age of Tourism

by Stephen Slater

"Tourism, like the society that gives rise to it, has a remarkable inescapability. Although it is undeniable that tourism would not exist without tourists, it is equally undeniable, and in fact more revealing, that people become tourists because of tourism..."

DEIH Freestyler: Strategies to be Free

by Diego López

"DEIH draws inspiration from various sources, from European comics of the 80s (I can vouch for all the times we met in comic stores) to the colors of Guatemala and Japanese animation. His work reflects a fusion of influences, with his love for science fiction, narrative, and exploration of philosophical issues being evident..."

Bouncing Betty

by Wes Hansen

“In every life there are these defining episodes, like chaotic attractors that suck you in and determine your entire trajectory. Due to consciousness, humans, and sometimes animals, can escape, but it requires a heroic act; some people call it Turning the Witches Wheel. You see, I am a curioso...”

Irregular Heart Functioning

by Al Fry

"Most of us begin to clog up our heart's plumbing system early through consuming the usual processed foods & acid forming favorites like sugar & meat..."

When Cousins War on Each Other

by Jim Smith

"It happens in the best of families. Siblings don’t speak to each other for years, or file suits against each other. But now, nations of related peoples are fighting each other..."

Tales from the Inner Earth

by A.E.D. Sideen

"A man clad in wolf furs and bronze armour hops into a chariot with a Druid clad in white and red with a crown of regal oak. In his hand he holds a spear that feels like a thunderbolt with which to smite his enemies in vengeance. Truly an awesome feeling..."


by Riman

"A man with red hair broke into my house. He tried the back door first, as my father always leaves the garage open on summer days where the sun is scorching hot enough to turn it into an easy bake oven. I thought the man was there to kill me, so I begged my father to get one of his guns..."

My Brush with the NSA

by Stephen Slater

"It was the National Security Agency or a similar entity that had intercepted the e-mails, headed by an Allen Dulles-like creep with an unlimited budget and a unquenchable desire to inflict maximum damage on America’s enemies..."

My Sweet Valentine

by Wes Hansen

"Six different metallics,
silver, cobalt, copper hue –
piss jars of ethylene art sense –
viper blue, canary yellow, paliochrome orange –
aromatic flayed hood pattern scrambler

Vitamins and Minerals

by Al Fry

"We humans have now come to the point we need to change our methods of nourishing ourselves or face destroying ourselves..."

Exploring the Depths of Vision: Black, Bardo, and Guarda Inspired Paintings

by Jerry Ross

"Art is often a reflection of the artist’s inner world. That has certainly been true for me in recent months, as I find myself grappling with the challenge of semi-blindness..."

The Lost Vibratory Secrets

by Al Fry

"In the last decades before Atlantis sank, they had technology that surpassed what we have now in many ways. I happened to run across a couple of people who had some recall of their former lives there & knew of the technology..."

Flashlight Men

by James Otter

"On a night of restlessness
Cans of Cobra and 4 loko spill down a dirty white wooden stare case
Friends and strangers passed out in a living room
moans and thoughtful whispers reverberate in the hallways of motels..."

Beware the Silent Places

by James Otter

"Conversing about the little things
sharing my day with every stranger
I encounter
They don’t always like what I have to say
when will they figure it out
The quiet places are haunting grounds..."

How Life Streams Fit Together

by Al Fry

"It is obviously our good fortune to have a GOD that enjoys creating things and allowing us the same privilege on the levels we reside..."

The Beekeeper

by Wes Hansen

"My true name – my Medicine name,
is Walks With Turtle.
And if, one day, someone were to inquire,
tell them I just came to see the garden,
but they told me there is no room here
for thorns..."

The Globalization of Violence and Hate

by Herbert J. Weiner

"The recent crisis in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas caps the invasion of Ukraine, wars in Northern Africa and its continent, conflict in Southeast Asia, the rise in anti-Semitism and racism, increase in crime and shootings, political and economic polarization, the rise in authoritarian governments and the threat to democracy, even in Scandinavia, a region of social democracy..."

After Hours: A Cinematic Vegas Horror Story

by Connor Mayhue

"On March 20th, 2020, the world shutdown due to the Covid-19... No other album from this decade perfectly demonstrates the mood and struggles for the world like “After Hours” by The Weeknd, released on the same day as the world shutting down..."

The Empathy Examination

by Anna Rosé

"To the residents of Earth, Halley’s Comet is just a giant rock hurtling through space and leaving streaks of light in its wake. But not to the Zephyrians, who have been keeping patrolled watch on Halley’s Comet, Earth and the inhabitants thereof since Neanderthals came to be..."

Concrete Nouns

by Call Me Cross

"Concreteness, nouns,
How do I beat this?
Have to write this poem, lots of things to write down.
You build a poem with nouns,
And a house with concrete..."

Pull My Funger

by Clayton S.

Commune à Tea

by Jeff Southwick

"Tea leaf, fragments swimming, in my cup, you cannot, just make this stuff up, but- perhaps using a better filter will- clear up, this problem with my extracted product..."

Markets and Money

by Ulitka Krasnyy

"A man I know once said, “Capitalism was a good seed that became corrupted over time.” In this essay I am going to examine whether markets (the first seed of capitalism) and money (the second seed of capitalism) are truly good seeds..."

Pilgrim Bay

by Leo Rivers

"One night the fog rolled in and drew a curtain across the Stars. And as I continued my meditation at the Attic Window the cyclops Moon, as if covered by a cataract, looked balefully back through the fog at me, sitting at my chair at my desk with my pen laid down beside the pad..."

The Bitter Billionaire

by MyKA Mckinney

"When he revealed himself to be a billionaire, I was certainly impressed but otherwise unintimidated, as most of my patrons are of substantial means. My wealth of artistic talent has always given me the feeling of being equal, if not superior in most ways..."


by MyKA Mckinney

"Wealthy, handsome and spoiled, with an attitude that makes it easy to dismiss his finer features, Andrew Taylor Scott gazes through the French-lace sheers that filter the afternoon sunlight, casting delicate shadows across his all-white bedroom carpet and silk duvets..."


by DeBobby Ross

"It is a cool Oregon morning and for Hailey, war is about to begin. She is skilled. Her father, a former Sheriff, taught her how to hit a mark..."

My First Kiss

by Frank Harper

"The summer of 1967 I was 17 years-old living in San Jose, California when I finally had a chance to go on my very first date. The Santa Clara County Fair was going on and I thought that was the best place to take Diane on a very warm Friday evening..."

Boo Saves the Day

by Sara Blakey

"Many years have gone by, but I remember my seven-year-old self waking up mad thinking Dill had kicked me. But Dill was nowhere around. A branch jabbed into my bare bug-bitten leg. My worn shorts were no protection against the night air and an awful fear overwhelmed my simmering pique..."

The Picnic, 1847

by Eden Omari

"Jimmy Carver and Lester Franklin wasn’t no regular boys growing up as sharecroppers or son and grandson of great men in the not southern, but southern acting, town of Oakfield. Between the two, they knew all of the towns people secrets, which was easy to know when they were fetched and made to stand around and the masters and mistresses act like you don’t understand English..."

Journal Envoyed

by Howard Falk

"Already a bad dream about a pre-scheduled evening meal with a lady had me as its hostage. No one ever issues AMBER alerts about kidnapped imaginations. Arriving at the lady’s residence, I encountered her posing at the front door. As I handed the bouquet of flowers to her, she asked me. “Which coffin did I steal them from?”...