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Mel’s Hole

by David Michael McKinney

Over the years the story of Mel’s Hole has been largely relegated to the trash-bin of ‘urban legend,’ written-off as ‘wacko-conspiracy’ propagated by aluminum foil-helmeted crack-pots with too much free-time and overwrought imaginations. But this cynical version only emerged since the government stepped-in and took over the story.

Gender Confusion?

by Hillbilly

“We each run a yin energy from our
Earth connection up the left side

And a Yang energy down our

Right side. To Earth…”

Two Love Poems

by Elayne Quirin

“When there is no must in lust

Sensuality remains innocent

Men and women regain trust…”


Why We Still Have Inflation

by James R. Smith

“What we call inflation is actually the theft of trillions of dollars from poor, working class people, small businesses, professionals and the moderately well-to-do…”


by Paul Dresman

“It was a day when you blew the horn and everything was forgiven.
It was a day when the slaves were liberated…”

It’s Spring

by Thomas Avery

“The crocuses and the daffodils
are already out.

Then tulips shoot up in red and yellow…”


Poems by Shachar Efrati

Poetry and art by maRco Elliott

“Please, if you will,

Kind colonizer,

Sweet imperialist,

Saucy capitalist…”


by Charles Mattoon

“You carried me, I will carry you.
Shared blood circulates outside the womb,
survives the thinning wounds of fledgling cuts, distance, difference.
May the love to raise a child grow twofold
to assist a parent bowing back to the Source…”