by Riman

A man with red hair broke into my house. He tried the back door first, as my father always leaves the garage open on summer days where the sun is scorching hot enough to turn it into an easy bake oven. I thought the man was there to kill me, so I begged my father to get one of his guns. My father owned 4 guns at the time. I saw him next to the gun safe juggling with shotgun shells. My father was a good person.

The man tried the front door second. My tiny hands fumbled with the lock but failed to latch it closed in time. The man walked into my house with no intention of murdering me. He came with a message.

He picked a tick oozing with blood off of my body. His eyes were swimming with malice.

“I am here to tell you that you are rotting. I can smell you from miles away. You smell like you have been raped a thousand times.” He told me.

The man with red hair, yellow teeth, and red skin grinned. My father stood speechless.

I felt sad and confused.