by Diego López (@valenciaengrafitis), author of Street Art by Women

Nena Wapa Wapa, a prominent figure in the world of urban art, shares her journey from humble beginnings to creating an artistic universe that transcends the city walls. With a degree in Fine Arts from the Juan Carlos I University of UPV and a strong background in graphic arts, Nena Wapa Wapa entered the world of urban art with an innate curiosity for graffiti and street art as means of expression in public spaces. “I wanted to try out that format,” she tells us, “so I started back around 2002 with people who were doing graffiti by painting freehand.” However, after a while, the drawings didn’t convey what she was looking for, leading her to a period of pause until her return in 2010-2011, this time exploring the use of stencils in her work.

Nena Wapa Wapa’s inspiration is drawn from her surroundings, although she doesn’t feel influenced by other artists in particular. Her creative process is meticulous, giving thought to the ideas and symbolism she wants to use, and then translating them into a digital collage that serves as the basis for her works on walls or everyday objects.

When asked about the style of her art, Nena Wapa Wapa points to the use of stencils as a distinctive feature. “Mine resembles the style of people who use this same tool,” she explains. But her art doesn’t just stay within the streets; it also extends to everyday products like T-shirts and mugs. This expansion into the tangible world is an extension of her belief that urban art is for everyone.

Cocin4s, Nena Wapa Wapa’s gallery project, is more than just a gallery shop. It’s a space where several creatives, including David de Limón, Disneylexya, José Carcavilla, Benja Tattoo, Opv Studio, and Maika de Tocados Monzó, come together to cook up activities, artworks, and actions related to art. Collaboration among them is an enriching aspect of this project.

Regarding Nena Wapa Wapa’s favorite themes in her work, equality and freedom stand out. Her art not only seeks to beautify the streets but also to provoke reflection and conversation about important social issues. With her unique voice and commitment to artistic expression, Nena Wapa Wapa continues to leave her mark on the streets and beyond.