On a night of restlessness
Cans of Cobra and 4 loko spill down a dirty white wooden stare case
Friends and strangers passed out in a living room
moans and thoughtful whispers reverberate in the hallways of motels

A brightness in a darkend car
the error screen of a brand new gps blinks alien language
Plexiglass is weak,radios are valuable
theft is survival

Soft dark leather,plastic protected
a beach tree snaps in half by the river
nobody is around to prove it
the scene shifts to the rail yard,plastic breaks the sound barrier
sucking itself in and billowing out
white noise before an early morning of destruction

The gentle ambience of sand stone
a dark blue hockey bag
the scene of a crime,the click of a cheap lighter
the smell of melting fabric.

In the middle of the night during an apathetic drunken house party
two strangers like ships in the night
one a pirates galleon the other a stranded row boat
two strangers with sparring intentions
left without worry

They toasted to new love
when there was no love at all
there was nothing but impulse running the show

The car was black as polished leather
It wheezed hydraulically with predatory lust

A shadow on wheels
traveling after midnight on quiet streets
under jackolantern flames

The driver wore gloves that matched their jacket
carmel leather.
The seats were protected with plastic
sanitary wipes saluted the dashboard

It was quiet enough to hear a strange liquid slashing around
in the back seat
there was little evidence of any passing

An expensive black BMW drove in circles
with little sound and no interaction
it sat dormant on the side of the crossing bridge
by the neighborhood pub
The view from inside

Rough love
how to describe the strength it takes
to kick through the wiring

A chainlink fence reinforced with a diamond plastic lining
do not cross tape
it shouldn’t be yellow it needs to be red

Danger beware
high voltage

The wandering spider is wrestless with anger
holding onto every conflict
it stops breathing,without love it should have no heart beat
The pub is sweating
a floor slick with hard alcohol and vomit

A pulp machine pushes out dust
the paper mill stinks

through the trunk of a car
it smells like an unplugged freezers
just like every wrong move

Vaccuum sealed and wood burned
an indention holds the spare tire
if there was a spare tire

The space is occupied by an assortment of scalpels and knives
surgical tools worth more than the car itself
worth a life

The driver
circled past the roundabout and out towards
the far far mountains
to an old wharehouse

Ships in the night
harbinger of endings
in a bmw. Unassuming they drive through the moonlit trees
into a place where suple hands do not often visit

The driver stuck to the speed limit
Passed out in the backseat
a young college student from great money
believes he will awaken on a couch somewhere strange again

In the backseat He doesn’t dream
he awakens and prays for an escape
he doesn’t pray for long
god has spoken

This is the fate that you have been given
god always has a plan they say

What happened next is up to the coroner to explain
So many missing pieces,so many years to wonder
if the Wandering spider ever curled up on its back
or if its still driving around with sinister urges

The pieces of the young college student were found by the BLM
in a hockey bag within an abandoned quary…
There are no names and few if any witnesses