by Diego López

Born in Mislata, a town in Valencia, Spain, in 1978, DEIH is a street artist whose real name is David. Before adopting his current tag, DEIH experimented with another, inspired by the English pronunciation of his name, “Dave.” However, out of respect for another graffiti writer in Valencia who used “DAV,” he decided to create something new. Thus, DEIV was born, an evolution that included adding the “H” at the end, giving his works a distinctive touch.

His journey in the world of graffiti and street art began in 1993 in Mislata, skating with friends and signing with markers. It wasn’t until 1994 that he created his first piece with spray paint, and in 1995, they began to create large-scale works. The formation of the RHB crew with his brother Xelon, Hope, and Gonz marked a significant turning point in his life.

DEIH draws inspiration from various sources, from European comics of the 80s (I can vouch for all the times we met in comic stores) to the colors of Guatemala and Japanese animation. His work reflects a fusion of influences, with his love for science fiction, narrative, and exploration of philosophical issues being evident. Some of his favorite cultural influences range from Stanislaw Lem’s book “Solaris” to Andrei Tarkovsky’s film “Stalker” and the animated series “Haikyuu”.

The little I know, I owe to my ignorance, so I asked DEIH about the colors of Guatemala and I was searching for images. He kindly explained to me, on a subject that has also begun to fascinate me: ‘Guatemalan textiles are amazing, with colors rarely seen as intense elsewhere — turquoises, blues, greens, incredibly vibrant oranges, all coming together in a weave that brightens the soul to see them all together. It’s like witnessing all the wonders of the country represented in its textiles: the lush and lively jungle, the surfaces of lakes and cenotes, majestic sunsets, the lava of its multiple volcanoes, the color of the water from its two oceans, cenotes, meadows, jaguars, quetzals… all of that is the color of Guatemala

Regarding his style, DEIH describes his pieces as existentialist with a retro Cyberpunk touch from the 80s. His creative process is fluid and spontaneous. He prefers unfinished sketches and completes his pieces on the wall, allowing the environment to influence the creation. Painting on the street is a way for DEIH to enjoy, surprise, and convey emotions. Although he has expanded his art to large-format paintings in galleries and murals at festivals, his love for painting on the street prevails, and he practices it regularly.

As a curiosity, few know that, before becoming a draftsman, DEIH aspired to be a film director and writer. His reconciliation with the idea of being an artist came when he discovered that his drawings were intrinsically linked to the stories he wanted to tell.

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