by Call Me Cross

Concreteness, nouns,
How do I beat this?
Have to write this poem, lots of things to write down.
You build a poem with nouns,
And a house with concrete.
Just hope the lines don’t collapse like last week’s weak concreteness,
Nouns, falling apart like brick upon brick upon brick.
How he makes them fall like the little piggies’ house made of sticks.
How he huffs and puffs, notoriously B.I.G and tricky,
It’s the piggies’ big deal, the wolf has so much to steal.
Biggies, biggie smalls really just too damn tall!
74 inches of rhymes meant to rap in a hall,
Christopher Wallace, please crouch!
I can’t see, how fun 87 missed calls.
From the tax man? Relax man, Superman. Superfan.
But what was the name of the game?

Concreteness, nouns,
Clowns with Shao Lin swords,
Fighting for completeness,
Complacently finalizing the ups and the downs,
Until syllables become incomprehensible,
Indispensable, unreputable,
Criminals, lock your doors!
And don’t trip at the terminal, right by over the turtle.
She’ll use the shell,
To use words like spells,
Holy Hell, like a magicians mortician,
Using oxymorons with no permission.

Concreteness, nouns,
Images of a town make their frown, remain 18 pounds,
Heavier, up your set, up your test, up your,
Yup, you guessed it,
Palabras, chupacabras,
And whatever silly dress she wears instead of the gown.

Concreteness, nouns,
Duplicating evidence, putting on a pound.
As poets get heart disease,
Pretty please, stop eating all the cheese.
Your heart will ache from all the times,
He tried to rhyme oranges, using syringes.
The door hinges on whether
He can use concrete nouns,
For his deadbeat house,
I built this poem its own outhouse!

Shh!!! Don’t speak!
Delete, end the fed, look at Ed,
Look at me, look at him, look again.