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The Globalization of Violence and Hate

by Herbert J. Weiner

“The recent crisis in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas caps the invasion of Ukraine, wars in Northern Africa and its continent, conflict in Southeast Asia, the rise in anti-Semitism and racism, increase in crime and shootings, political and economic polarization, the rise in authoritarian governments and the threat to democracy, even in Scandinavia, a region of social democracy…”

After Hours: A Cinematic Vegas Horror Story

by Connor Mayhue

“On March 20th, 2020, the world shutdown due to the Covid-19… No other album from this decade perfectly demonstrates the mood and struggles for the world like “After Hours” by The Weeknd, released on the same day as the world shutting down…”

The Empathy Examination

by Anna Rosé

“To the residents of Earth, Halley’s Comet is just a giant rock hurtling through space and leaving streaks of light in its wake. But not to the Zephyrians, who have been keeping patrolled watch on Halley’s Comet, Earth and the inhabitants thereof since Neanderthals came to be…”

Concrete Nouns

by Call Me Cross

“Concreteness, nouns,
How do I beat this?
Have to write this poem, lots of things to write down.
You build a poem with nouns,
And a house with concrete…”

Commune à Tea

by Jeff Southwick

“Tea leaf, fragments swimming, in my cup, you cannot, just make this stuff up, but- perhaps using a better filter will- clear up, this problem with my extracted product…”