The crocuses and the daffodils
are already out.
Then tulips shoot up in red and yellow.
Rhododendrons explode in pink and magenta.
Birds sing from the treetops in alto and soprano.
Fresh rains fall and cool breezes blow.
Sun breaks between showers.
A rainbow arches over the horizon.
White cloud masts drift
like brush strokes painting the sky
swirling in patches of blue.
After the last rain the sun comes back out
and the days grow warmer.
Poppies come to life showing off
their fiery orange blooms.
Iris petals unfold in rich deep purple.
It snowed in the mountains a few weeks ago
and it’s time to hit the trail soon.
The forests call and the river runs
strong and swift.
I’m ready to lift off
into the heavens
chase the moon
and float among the stars.

Thomas Avery